Dantist in your school

1.Education session
The US Dental Care team can visit your school and deliver a fun interactive 30 minute presentation, showing the children how to clean their teeth properly, how to floss, what foods are good for their teeth and what foods to avoid. The children can have fun with "Mr Crocodile" whilst learning these important life skills.

2. Doctor Examination (check-up)
After the education session, the doctor will individually examine the condition of the children's teeth and will write a recommendation for their parents
3.Dental treatment
Dentabus can return to school to carry out routine dental checks, cleanings, fillings etc. DENTABUS has everything you need for high-end treatment and prevention!
What is Dentabus?
Dentabus is a mobile Dental clinic fitted with the latest high-tech equipment. You can have check-ups and dental treatments on board wherever and whenever it is convenient for you!
This unique project is brought to you by US Dental Care, which was founded in 1994 and has established itself as a leading premium dental clinic in Moscow.

How to organize a Health Day in your school?
1. Contact US Dental Care and schedule a date for Dentabus to visit your school

2. Prior to your visit we can help you to advertise and communicate with parents, to let them know we are coming and to get permission for any treatment required

3. Dentabus arrives at school and provides the necessary dental care

If you have DENTABUS at school, we will create a special offer especially for your school.

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Fun and healthy day at your school
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