A mobile dental office with Doctors from a world class clinic right in your residential commuity . It really is possible!
Hygienic Dentistry
Hygiene cleaning right at home
We can conduct an examination using the Panoramic X-Ray to identify hidden problems and begin treatment
Dental treatment
Professional dental treatment inside the DENTABUS mobile dental office
What is Dentabus?
Dentabus is a mobile Dental clinic fitted with the latest high-tech equipment. You can have check-ups and dental treatments on board wherever and whenever it is convenient for you!
This unique project is brought to you by US Dental Care, which was founded in 1994 and has established itself as a leading premium dental clinic in Moscow.

How does it work aboard DENTABUS
1. You contact US Dental Care and schedule a date for Dentabus to visit.

2. Dentabus arrives at your residential community.

3. You can book an appointment for dental procedures that will be carried out by US Dental Care Doctors. Dentabus is a mobile Dental clinic with high-tech equipment. We strictly comply with the standards of American infection control, as well as Russian standards in the field of sanitary control of the dental office.

4. A Medical record will be created and all necessary documents and outcomes will be captured
Contact us
Phone +7 (495) 933-86-86
eMail: info@usdentalcare.com
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