We understand the importance of convenience and privacy especially for those working in specialized high profile capacities.

If you are working in Moscow with a diplomatic mission or residing at an embassy, Dentabus is a great way to carry out routine and emergency check-ups in the comfort of your Embassy premises.

Dentabus at your Embassy
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With Dentabus our dentists come to your doorstep, without asking you to travel. This service is also great for Embassy workers who are not familiar or
fully comfortable traveling within the city.

For Embassy officials and diplomats it's extremely private, convenient and safe as Dentabus will come to you, no need to leave the embassy or your residence.
Dentabus is a mobile Dental clinic fitted with the latest high-tech equipment. You can have check-ups and dental treatments on board wherever and whenever it is convenient for you!
This unique project is brought to you by US Dental Care, which was founded in 1994 and has established itself as a leading premium dental clinic in Moscow.

Dentabus at your Embassy
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